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Extending the Scope of Labour Market Integration of Immigrants

The objective of the project MIGRASCOPE is to increase the access to work and foster integration at the workplace for migrants in 7 EU countries.

First of all, the project aims to build the capacity of migrants by developing skills for finding and keeping a job.

Secondly, the project aims to build the capacity of employers and other stakeholders, by increasing their know-how for the better management of diversity, by challenging existing attitudes, and by creating incentives for introducing better integration practices through the exchange of experiences.

Capacity building among migrants

Capacity building among migrants

Carrying out interactive seminars to migrants

Capacity building among employers

Capacity building among employers

Carrying out interactive seminars to employers

Work-shadowing and collection of good practises

Work-shadowing and collection of good practises

Carrying out work-shadowing visits to employers

Development of e-services

Development of e-services

Developing and implementing two state-of-the art e-services

What is it all about?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does it take place?

The project and its activities take place in seven EU countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Poland and Sweden

Who is the target group?

Project addresses directly two target groups:

  1. migrants (i.e. third country nationals), with a focus on newly-arrived immigrants, including beneficiaries of international protection, and
  2. employers and social partners, including private, public and non-governmental sector employers

Who are the main beneficiaries?

The project has several beneficiaries: migrants, employers, social partners, national and local governments, and EU Institutions and relevant European partners.

What are the expected results?

The expected results are as follows:

  • increased access to work and reduced barriers to migrants;
  • new good integration practices implemented at the work place by employers;
  • increased knowledge and better expectation management among migrants;
  • increased awareness about migrant workers among employers;
  • interactive, user-friendly and innovative e-services implemented to facilitate access to work;
  • enlarged pool of policy know-how on access to work and integration at the work place.

What is the timeframe?

The project lasts for 22 months, between 01.01.2017-31.10.2018

Can I contribute or participate?

Yes! Please drop a line to

Get in touch

Let’s work together

If you are interested of taking part of the project and its activities – whether by employer or by employee with an migrant background – do let us know!